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April 30th, 2008

cassthekitty @ 10:39 am:



1) 14 designers will be selected, and 7 models. Selected designers and models will be announced on the PersaCon website.
2) Designers will be put in pairs of two with one model to each pair.
3) Designers will create a look adhering to the guidelines provided in each challenge. This look will be fashioned by the model in a runway show.
4) There will be 5 hours to complete each challenge.
5) The winning designers will have their looks featured in special PersaCon artwork, and have a photo shoot for the PersaCon website and personal use.


1) Designs must adhere to the same dress code as the Cosplay Contest entries.
2) Designs must be ORIGINAL! And newly created for the challenge.
3) Both designers must work on the challenge. If one designer does not help they can be pulled from the competition.
4) Don’t cause drama! Doing so will mean your model WILL NOT WALK. This competition is meant for fun.
5) You must adhere to the guidelines of the challenge.
6) GO crazy! We want to see just how creative you can be!! 

Thought it would be something that people may be interested in.  IThis is an entirely different event from the cosplay contest.  t's the same premise as Bravo's Project Runway.  Designers will work in teams of 2 to create a costume in a limited amount of time.  To enter CLICK HERE 

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February 19th, 2008

haldir_whore @ 02:53 pm: Drama, Drama, Drama.
Hi, my name is Tori. xD And I'm a con-aholic.

Now I know everywhere in the world there is drama, but in the cosplay world it's everywhere and in a thick and heavy overbearing cloud. I've lost so many friends, and I'm so isolated out in Woodlawn/Clarksville, there are so few who cosplay here. Few even in TN you can get in contact with who cosplay. So, I've met a bunch of new people this past weekend at Katsucon, but yeah.

I love meeting new people, and a lot of my friends are over in the east coast and whatnot and don't attend MTAC. And the few friends here, and in Nashville might be too busy to go, or just aren't into it. Me having illness doesn't help when it comes to meeting people. I really am not going to the con if I have to go alone. I still need to get a room, and it's always more fun and cheaper when you room with lotsa people.

I wanna get to know new people in TN I can cosplay with not just here but at other conventions, since I go to Katsu, Ota, AUSA, AWA, just to name a few. Drama has just..nh, like I said I've got some good friends now in the cosplay community peiod and am getting away from the dramatic hell. But in TN, so limited to have friends.

I'm thinking about doing some anime, but maybe finally my videogame cosplaying at MTAC since I've had it postponed from other anime groups and whatnot. I'd love to meet new people online, make friends before the con. Maybe even as much as to split a room. Who knows what can happen. But I really just want to hookup with some people around here, get new friends and everything. Who goes to a convention alone and who wants to wander by themselves yanno? I'm not saying I have no friends. Just the main best buds aren't here, and don't go to my current home con. Even though I'll be moving in with my best friend later on this year in Virginia. But that doesn't change meeting new people and also hey. We're cosplayers, con goers. We travel!

I just am here, I'd love to meet new people, get some close friends. I'm a big gamer, anime lover. I like yaoi. I'm into jrock, but don't cosplay it as much anymore. Just..yeah. I dunno, I just am dying to meet new people! And if you wanna chat and whatnot I'm here! There's a lack of TN cosplay love, and it needs to be corrected.

So there was my plea. I'm interested in getting to know new people, interested in cosplay.. one of my major hobbies. Being so isolated it's hard to meet just random people in the street anyway. So if ya wanna chat, comment. Hit me up! The more cosplay love, the better I say! xD

July 9th, 2007

cassthekitty @ 01:28 pm: Northern Alabama Photoshoot/Picnic
On July 28 (Saturday) at 10 am there will be a cosplay photoshoot in the Northern Bama area.  That's right across the state line for those of you in Lower Tennessee.  Theme of the shoot is lolita and goth wear.  For those of you interested more information is available here.  Location TBA due to an open poll to deciding that.

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August 23rd, 2006

yukarikiss @ 11:40 am: Cosplayers wanted!
This Friday and Saturday, the FMA movie will be in theaters across the US!

The MTAC and EB Games crews will be out at the Thoroughbred theater in Franklin this Saturday starting at 7pm. The movie is showing at 9:30pm. If you can, come in costume (cosplayers wanted!) and hang out with us, help spread the word about MTAC and cosplay, and go to see the movie and show your support for anime on the big screen. Hope to see you there!!

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August 20th, 2006

mahoumikekun @ 04:01 pm: Request for Cosplay Commissions
Alright, this is very random, but I've been meaning to do this and haven't. x_X

I suck horribly at making costumes, like, incredibly. I might seriously sit down and work on learning, but for now, I'm going to be lazy and just offer my friends money.

I have a few costumes that I would love to be able to wear at next year's conventions. (Heck, if one of these could be finished by AWA, I'll be extra happy!)

I will cover all of the fabric/matieral costs, as well as reimbursement for your time and hard work. We can discuss a price range, but as with most commissions, it's better to wait until the finished product is complete, so you can put a price value on your time and opinion of the overall product.

If I do pay anyone for making me a costume -- I do expect it to be a good costume. I don't mean... like OMGAR I NID 2 WEEN FIRST PLACE AT AX COSTUME CONTEST LAWLS... but something that you can be proud to say "I made that..." and I can be proud to wear and tell people "Yeah, so-and-so made this costume... they're amazing."

So enough rambling. Here is the list of characters I wish to have costumes of, in order of preference. We can talk measurements and such if anyone wishes to actually help me with these. ^^; I can provide more reference pictures, too, if need be. If more than one person wants to do a costume... unless there's a huge fanlove you have for that outfit or something... I'm going to have to go based on who will offer less money. xD Sorry. x_x;

Entertainer (Raccoon Advanced 3rd Job) [Trickster Online]
RingMaster (Level 70 Armor) [FlyFF]
Ethan [Phantasy Star Universe]
Ferio [Magic Knight Rayearth 2]
Fay D. Flourite [Tsubasa Chronicle]
Tsukasa Amou [Juvenile Orion]
Calintz [Magna Carta]
Benimaru Nikaido [SnK / King of Fighters]

July 4th, 2006

jaemenewton @ 09:58 pm:

Who?: Local artists and performers doing their thing.

What?: Sellnig arts, jewelery, and all sorts of other things.... :D

Where?: The Flying Monkey...duh....

When?: Every Saturday.... Starting at 12:00 p.m. and lasting throughout the day.

Why?: Because the artists, performers, and musicians of this town need a place to get their names out so that maybe one day we can..... oh, yes.... make a living from what we do. We depend on you all for this opportunity and love it when people do come to the events... so please try and make it out so that we can continue making the arts scene flourish in this town we call home, Huntsville.

February 9th, 2006

mahoumikekun @ 05:18 am: Calling for the Formation of a Cosplay Group~!
Right, so, hopefully most of you know my obsession with Phantasy Star Universe and the entire Phantasy Star series. Well, it just hit me.

We should have a cosplay group of the characters in PSU ;D

So yeah.. Krystal has already said she's wanting to be in the group, but still hasn't decided on a character. For your convience, I've gathered pictures of all of the main story characters from the game's offline mode and thrown them in my photo album, so check 'em out if you're at all interested in participating in this group. I know that it's a bit late to do this for MTAC, but... maybe for next year's? Or maybe at conventions later on in the Summer/Fall. In any case... I'm really excited, cause the character designs are REALLY hot. Here's a list of all of the characters included, as well as their character race. As far as the races go... you have Humans (average all-around), Newmen (magically inclined), Beasts (physically strong), and Casts (androids).

I'm going to add this post to my LJ memories so I can keep it updated with who is going to be who... characters who are taken will be listed in bold.

* Curtz (Cast)
* Dallgun (Human)
* Doghi (Newman)
* Dorson (Human)
* Ethan (Human) - Mi~ke
* Hal (Human)
* Hyuga (Human)
* Karam (Human)
* Norphe (Cast... I think)
* Karen (Newman)
* Leo (Beast)
* Liina (Beast)
* Lou (Cast)
* Lumia (Human)
* Magashi (Cast)
* Maya (Newman)
* Mirei (Newman)
* Nav (Cast... I think)
* Rutsu (Newman)
* Taragi (Human)
* Tomrain (Human)
* Tonnio (Beast)
* Tylor (Beast)
* Vol Brothers (Human, Newman, and Beast)

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November 29th, 2005

noire_shiro @ 06:17 am: New
Hola. I'm brand new to this community. But that's not all. I'm also a complete n00b to cosplaying (unless you include dressing up in pre-17th century attire and camping in it as cosplaying). I really would like to get into cosplaying, it's just none of my friends do... And I don't want to be alone.. So.. Yeah. Well, I'm willing to make friends, take any advice, and any of the like.
Oh, and for whatever reason, (or rather, in case people care), I live about 30 (45 if traffic, which is always) minutes northeast of Nashville.
Bye, bye. ^_^

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November 14th, 2005

jaemenewton @ 08:57 pm:

Who:    Jaeme Newton
What:   Acoustic, all original Dark Forest Music & Original Fantasy Art Merchandise by Jaeme Newton
Where: Olde Towne Coffee Shoppe
             511 Pratt Ave
             Huntsville, Alabama 35811
              $2 Cover - All Ages
When:   Friday, November 18th, 2005 - 8:00 p.m.
Why:     This is going to be your last chance to see her untill next year sometime.

November 11th, 2005

son_of_bastet @ 01:22 pm: Rocky Horror Picture Show
not sure if this would really fit, but anyhow... The play for Rocky Horror Picture Show starts tonight, at 7:30pm, on the MTSU campus at Tucker Theatre. It'll be playing tonight and tommorrow night and then again next Thurs-Sat which includes a midnight showing of it on the 18th of November. that's next Friday night, btw ;p its supposed to be a sell-out show ;) you are also welcome to 'dress up' for the play too ;p

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